Rev Up Your Site: Elementor 3.20 Unveils Enhanced Display Conditions and Turbocharged Performance!

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At Project Time Web Solutions, where we harness the power of Elementor to craft stunning websites, we’re thrilled to introduce Elementor version 3.20. This update brings exciting new features that elevate the flexibility of Display Conditions, allowing you to seamlessly connect multiple conditions using the OR connector. Now, you can set Display Conditions based on native WordPress Custom Fields, unlocking even more customization possibilities.

But that’s not all – version 3.20 doesn’t just enhance your website’s functionality; it also turbocharges its performance. With improvements to both frontend and backend loading times, building and visiting your website is now smoother and more efficient than ever. Join us at Project Time Web Solutions as we continue to push the boundaries of web design with Elementor!”

Sophisticated Condition Schemes

With the latest Elementor 3.20 update, Display Conditions evolve to offer even more flexibility. Previously, you could only connect conditions using the AND connector, showing the element if all conditions were met. Now, with enhancements tailored by Project Time Web Solutions, you can create condition groups and link them using the OR connector.

Imagine wanting to display a special offer to visitors who are either logged in or come from your social media page. With Elementor 3.20, it’s possible. By setting up two condition groups – one for “Login Status Is Logged In” and another for “From URL Contains your social media page” – connected by the OR connector, you ensure the offer displays to anyone meeting either condition. Experience the power of dynamic content customization with Elementor, curated by Project Time Web Solutions.

Unleash the Power of Dynamic Tags: Crafting Personalized Visitor Journeys with Project Time Web Solutions

With the latest advancements, you can now leverage Dynamic Tags, including native WordPress Custom Fields, to set display conditions tailored to your content. At Project Time Web Solutions, we specialize in harnessing these innovative features to create dynamic designs that perfectly complement your single post and page templates.

For instance, imagine using an Icon Box Widget to highlight dynamic titles on your website. With Dynamic Tags, you can set conditions to display the entire widget only when the title is populated, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Moreover, conditions based on Dynamic Tags offer additional parameters, such as ‘Is/Is not’ or ‘Contains,’ allowing for even more precise customization. Elevate your website’s content with dynamic designs crafted by Project Time Web Solutions!

Powering Performance: Elevating Accessibility with Cutting-Edge Enhancements

At Project Time Web Solutions, we’re thrilled to introduce Elementor version 3.20, packed with significant performance upgrades to enhance your website building and browsing experiences. This update accelerates the Time to First Byte (TTFB) score by 3-5%, ensuring faster loading times, especially on heavier pages, thanks to optimized element rendering.

Moreover, version 3.20 optimizes DOM output, reducing code bloat and enhancing performance. Flexbox Containers now generate 39% less code, while Grid Containers produce 85% less, enabling sophisticated layouts without sacrificing speed. Additionally, accessibility receives a boost with enhanced keyboard navigation in the Mega Menu and Login Widget, ensuring a seamless experience for all users, including those relying on assistive technologies.

Join us at Project Time Web Solutions as we harness the power of Elementor 3.20 to elevate your website’s performance and accessibility, making the web a more inclusive and enjoyable space for everyone!”